Sidewalk Repair

What Causes Sidewalks To Sink?

Uneven sidewalks are a common sight no matter where you go. When it’s right outside your home, the problem is more apparent. Not only does it make a home look bad, the trip hazard it poses is very dangerous and could cost you a financial loss if someone falls and hires an attorney.

The cause of sinking sidewalks is most often due to improper installation. Essentially, the concrete slab sinks due to the soil shifting below it. This leaves a void that does not support the slab. It can also be due to uplift. This is usually caused by tree roots. There is no way to push a sidewalk down after it’s been raised by tree roots. When concrete settles, the repair needed is mudjacking with concrete.

Mudjack Experts will drill holes into the concrete and fill the void beneath the slab with a special concrete mixture. The concrete is then pressurized until it raises the concrete to make it level again.

The process can be completed in as little as a couple of hours. Once we finish mudjacking, the sidewalk will need a short amount of time to cure. When the curing process is complete, your sidewalk will be safe to walk on again.