Mudjack Experts has been raising concrete driveways for fifty years.
Our family owned business has a commitment to the community and is trusted by our customers to do the job right the first time and make it last.

Mudjacking is used to combat natural sinking or settling concrete. For instance, if the original concrete was installed on dirt that was not properly compacted, it is very likely that the concrete slab will eventually start to sag. Soil erosion is another reason to implement mudjacking. Void filling can be performed for stabilization and to fill holes caused by erosion. Even after proper concrete installation, the natural movement of earth over time might require a mudjacking repair solution.


How we do it
Mudjack Experts has a repair solution that involves pumping a mixture of cement and water underneath a concrete slab in order to lift it. Although the elements of the mixture remain virtually the same from project to project, the procedures might be very different depending on the specifics of the job. Mudjack Experts will customize your concrete leveling job to get the best results.

Why Mudjack?
Mudjacking can save home owners substantial amounts of money when compared to removing and replacing sunken concrete slabs in driveways.
Home owners and business should consider concrete lifting when surfaces become uneven and trip and fall hazards first become apparent.
The longer you wait the more risk you take that someone will trip and fall.
Concrete lifting can often be completed in less than a day and will restore your home to its original appearance.

The concrete lifting team at Mudjack Experts uses advanced mudjacking techniques to solve virtually any sagging or settling concrete problem.