Garage floors

Sinking Garage Floors
Changes in ground conditions under the floor is the most likely cause of a sinking garage floor. If the original builder used poor soil as fill material, or built on ground that was not adequately compacted things can go down hill fast.

Other things can cause a garage floor to sink.
There may be changes in ground moisture, temperature extremes, plumbing leaks and tree roots can cause soil to be shifted away. As compaction and erosion progress, your garage floor may sink in certain spots because the concrete is no longer supported properly. An uneven garage floor will sometimes leave gaps underneath the garage door, allowing air to escape or come in. The soil surrounding the garage floor may even affect the driveway and concrete steps leading into your home.


Floor Cracks
If there are visible cracks on your garage floor the damage may not only look unsightly but can also create a safety hazard and eventually lead to bigger problems if not repaired.

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