Mudjacking is ideal for large jobs.

Mudjack Experts saves home owners and businesses time and money compared to the conventional alternative of removing and replacing damaged concrete.

Selling your home?

We can bring you up to Code Compliance.

square of four picturesBasement damp or leaking?

We can raise your concrete so water flows away from the foundation.

We lift all types of concrete
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Many pool decks have voids below them caused by in effective soil compaction at construction or wash out caused by erosion. These issues cause sections of pool decks, especially aggregate pool decks, to sink. As shown below, our concrete lifting and mudjacking solution solves the problem!

pool deck after liftPool deck before lift

Before concrete raising, this section of pool deck was almost 2″ down. (Golf ball is reference)

The same pool deck, with the same golf ball, after we injected concrete below the slab and raised it back to its original position.